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Lettin' The Good Times Roll
Starring E. Faye Butler and Felicia P. Fields 

Kenneth L. Roberson directs and choreographer Wycliffe Jordan's Jazz a la carte at the world famous Apollo Theatre. Here pictured with Savion Glover who was featured in show.  

Kenneth Roberson, choreographer of "Avenue Q" and the new Elvis-inspired show, "All Shook Up," discusses his beginnings and his love of the theater. On a cold Saturday evening, the choreographer of Avenue Q and the new Elvis-inspired musical, All Shook Up, opening at the Palace Theatre on March 24, looked like a standard New Yorker sitting in the Westway Diner on Ninth Avenue, eating a pastrami sandwich. But when he leaned forward, his dark eyes earnest, Roberson began to speak with a slow, Southern drawl.

How a Broadway Choreographer Danced His Way to Success

Kenneth Roberson in Class.jpeg

Theater Professional Bridges Broadway To Classroom

After a Broadway career spanning two-and-a-half decades, Ken Roberson is now adjusting to life as an academic.“It reminds me of why I do what I do,” said Roberson, a professor of practice in the Department of Theatre, Drama and Contemporary Dance. “Things have become clearer to me, and I love the opportunity to express my vision with students.”                                                 


Terry Burrell in the play ETHEL at the Alliance Theatre on the life of the incomparable Miss Ethel Waters, starring an written by Terry and directed my me.

at the Alliance Theatre on the life of the incomparable Miss Ethel Waters, starring an written by Terry and directed my me. 



Lady sang the blues but we did not!

The the talents of Lynn Sterling as Billie Holiday and William Foster McDaniel, musical and pianist, made my direction of Lady Day at The Emerson Bar and Grill easy as pie. Now, of course, there are costumes by Austine Sanderson and all other creatives and the welcoming Areana Stage, headed by Molly Smith Artistic Director. 

Lynn Sterling and William Foster McDaniel in Arena Stage's Lady Day at the Emerson Bar and Grill

Broadway Choreographer Ken Roberson Joins IU Musical Theatre Faculty To Help Students “Hone The Craft”.

How does one go from a degree in journalism to choreographing the smash hit Avenue Q? New professor of musical theatre practice Kenneth L. Roberson smiles as he readies his response,My family was known to be great social dancers, including my father.” So it runs in the family? “The first thing I choreographed was a piece on the playground in first grade to Marvin Gaye.” It seems experience and environment are equally effective at giving you an edge in your career.

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